Establishment of DIET Building.


Gujarat government has partitioned the kheda district and establishes an Anand district for administrative conveyance. For the society and reaching up to the last layer of people. On the occasion of father of the nation, 2nd October 97 the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, Anand district is distributed in eight Blocks, in this Anand, Umreth, Tarapur, Borsad, Anklav, Petlad, Sojitra and Khambhat.

The twenty-five district of Gujarat, Anand is important district. Anand city is well known as a milk city in Gujarat and even in India also. Milk city Anand is always ahead for white revolution, and also known as a region of “Golden leaf” due to cultivation of tobacco it is known as “charutar” (charotar). For quality improvement of education in Anand district, on the date of 25th June 2002 “District Institute of Education & Training” has been established, located at primary school no.16, 1st floor, Anand. On june 1st 2008 the DIET building is transfered to own permenant building located at Valasan village on Anand Sojitra road.

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