In-service Program Field Interaction,Innovation & Co-ordination

  • To assist educational authorities in planning and coordination of in-service education programmes for elementary teachers through the district, and to plan and coordinate such programmes held in the DIET ,pursuant to this , the branch held.
    (i) identify training needs of elementary teachers in the district ,and prepare a perspective plan for meeting such needs
    (ii) prepare-An annual calendar of all programmes to be held in the DIET; and
    (iii) help concerned authorities in preparing an annual calendar of in-service programmes to be held outside the DIET.
  • To serve as the nodal branch for organizing
    (i) all those in service education programmes for teachers and head masters , at the institute whose contact does not relate exclusively or pre-dominantly to any one branch.
    (ii) orientation programmes for resource persons who would conduct in service programmes for teachers at other centers in the district.
  • To evaluate and monitor the quality and efficacy of in service programmes held in and out side the DIET
  • To maintain a data base on all persons, except NFE /AE personnel ,who undergo training at the institute, and to organize follow-up activities pursuant to such training, through correspondence ,visits, transmission of printed materials etc.
  • To serve as a reference and resource centers for teachers who to continue education.
  • To act as the nodal branch for all action research and field interaction activities of the institute which would include
    (i) coordinating of in house action research activities and dissemination of its results.
    (ii) Acting as a clearing house for information on results of all studies ,research ,innovation ,etc in the area of elementary education where ever undertaken.
    (iii) publication of a periodic news letter and an institute journal to be sent to every elementary school/NFE/AE center in the district.