Instructional Management

Sr. No. Endowment Fund maintained by the TEI for D.El.Ed
1 Amount (INR in Lakhs) 0
2 Bank 0
3 FDR Number 0
Sr. No. Reserve Fund maintained by the TEI for D.El.Ed
1 Amount (INR in Lakhs) 0
2 Bank 0
3 FDR Number 0

Annual fees charged from students of different programmes and annual fees fixed by the state Govt. for different programmes

Sr. No. Programme Total Annual Fee charged by the Institution(Current Session) Fee fixed by the Central/State/Union Territory Government(Current Session)
1 D.El.Ed 9390 7855
Mention if Fee concession or scholarships are given to students No

Income during the previous academic session

Sr. No. Head/Source of Income Income in INR (Write NA for not applicable)
1 Income from fees 0
2 Grant received from State govt. if any 7086347
3 Income from other sources: donation etc. 0
Total Income 7086347.00

Expenditure during the Previous Academic Session

Sr. No. Head of Expenditure Expenditure in INR(Write NA for not applicable)
A Capital Expenditure
1 Expenditure incurred on augmentation of infrastructure 10925
2 Expenditure incurred on augmentation of Instructional Resources 00
B Recurring Expenditure
3 Staff Salary 5862881
4 Interest Payment on loans 00
5 Loan Repayment 00
6 Miscellaneous expenditure 440903
C Transfer to Capital Account
7 Transfer to Governing Body 00
Total Expenditure 6314709.00
Whether Balance Sheet of the previous Academic Session has been displayed No

Academic Management
Daily working hours 7
Number of working days in a week 6
Total no. of working days in the previous academic session 81
Average daily attendance during the current session 17
Are the programme wise results of students for last three years, displayed on the website, in the format as depicted below? No
Pass % age in the final three examination during the last three academic session
Sr. No. Programme Session 2013-14 Session 2014-15 Session 2015-16

Number of Ex-students of the Institution who qualified in the Central or State Eligibility Test during the Previous two years

No. of Students Qualified in Previous Years Year Number of Students Appeared Number of Students Qualified
Central Eligibilty Test 2017 0 0
State Eligibility Test 2017 0 0
Mention the value added courses if offered by the TEI on own its initiative no
Total number of internship days in the previous academic session 12
Total number of Mentor teachers associated with the Internship Programme 4
Did the institution conduct ori entation programme for the students before the commencement of Internship Yes
Did the Institution conduct the Planning cum consultation meeting with the Heads of Internship Schools Yes

Details of Internship School

Name of the school Location Management Total Number of students in school Distance from TEI No. of student teachers deputed in internship
valasan primary school Rural Government 11 1 2
dhebakuva primary school Rural Government 10 2 2
Did the Institution conduct the Planning cum consultation meeting with the Heads of Internship Schools? Yes

Details of Academic Programmes like Conference, Seminars, Workshops, Training Programmes organized, during the previous academic session

Sr. No. Conference
1 NA
Sr. No. Seminars And Workshop
1 digital module wrting work shop for deled course-8 at surat. scope workshop for diet faculties. internship programme for FY Deled students at dhebakuva and valasan villege,dist:anand language empowerment training. wrting workshop. training for yoga and regional games at kayavarohan villege.near vadodara. workshop for std 1 to 8 about poster learning outcomes on 14/8/17. kala utsav competition for district level on 11/9/17. workshop on handwriting improvement for teachers of borsad and anklav taluka on 12/7/17 to 13/7/17. workshop on develop a word-puzzle for primary teachers held at dharmaj and vaghvala on 26 to 27/7/17. training for yoga education at dharmaj primary school on 5 july to 7 july 2017. training for yoga education at sarsa primary school on 10 july to 12 july 2017. good thoughts work shop conducted bu Deled branch ,diet0anand at BRC umreth on 17 jul 2017,24 july 2017 and 28 july2017. co-ordination meeting for planning of math-science exhibition. work shop for science maths mandal activities planning at district level. orientation work shop for teachers to prepare model for science exhibition.
Sr. No. Training Programmes
1 Yog Shixan training workshop at dhrmaj,sarsa,vasad city on 5/7/17 to 7/7/17,10/7/17 to 12/7/17,17/7/17 to 19/7/17 and 22/8/17 to 24/8/17 total seven work shop.participant took part are 306 handball games shooting with the help of GIET,ahmedabad .location valasan villege di:anand

Details of events/Celebrations organized during the previous academic session

Sr. No. Details Of Events
1 celebration of yoga day celebration of 15th august Sports event conduct by DIET-Anand at cluster level on 9aug to 12 aug 2017 events of kala utsav for std 1 to 5 and 6 to 8, 9 to 12 at district level on 11/9/17. district level science-maths enviornment exhibition 2017 has been hel at global english medium school,vaghvala,ta.borsad district anand .

Governance Structure
Has the institution Constituted the Management Committee No
Is the composition along with names of the members mentioning their names, Qualification, Profession/Occupation and designation mentioned on the website? No not displayed for any
Format to Display Composition of Management Committee
Sr. No. Name Educational Qualification Professional Occupation Designation
1 Educationist Chairman
2 Educationist Chairman
3 Educationist Chairman
4 Educationist Chairman
No. of meetings of the Management Committee held during the Previous academic session 0
Has institution established a Grievance Redressal Mechanism? Yes
Grievance Redressal Mechanism Details We have sexual harassment cell at our office to solve the problem of girls students of D.El.Ed.and ladies faculties of DIET
Has institution established Anti Ragging Mechanism? Yes
Anti Ragging Mechanism Details DIET Anand has formed an anti-ragging committee.
Has the Institution constituted the Quality Assurance Cell? No
Mention if any other structure has been created to enhance effectiveness of the Institution our institute is preparing a reference module for teachers training and technology used in class-room teaching. whenever there is meeting in our institute ,we always represent all the activities of institute. to evaluate the effectiveness of training ,diet lecturers takes the visit to school and gave guidance. institute is very much aware about their educational and physical atmosphere .


I have carefully read all requirements of these modules (General Information, Infrastructure, Staff Details, Students Details, Instructional Resources, Finance, Academic Management, and Declaration by Competent Authority) as per Public Notice issued by NCTE, New Delhi dated 9th June, 2016. As authorised person, I certify that the information provided in the all modules are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

We authorize the Quality Council of India (QCI) to utilize the information provided in the modules for ensuring transparency in public domain, research, training and other purpose as decided by NCTE, New Delhi based on its mandate as per NCTE Act,1993.

I also confirm that after submission of information, when QCI will give URL/Link of published report, I shall make URL of published report embedded in my existing website of Institution.

In the case of any discrepancies or non-conformities, My Institution shall abide by suggestion/action given or taken by NCTE.

I have no objection getting submitted information verified during accreditation of programmes being offered in the institution by authorised accreditation Agencies by NCTE, New Delhi.

My Institution is aware about annual process of e-monitoring of website as per Public Notice issued by NCTE, New Delhi dated 9th June, 2016.

1 Signature Hitesh
2 Name (authorized signatory) Dr Hitesh N Dave
3 Designation Principal
4 Organization District Institute of Education and Training
5 Date 2016-11-16

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