Everything You Need to Know about Using Clearing

Starting out on the path to a great university experience can sometimes be trickier than many people believe. With application rates soaring, many universities are finding themselves overwhelmed by potential students and losing out on great opportunities because of a fault in the acceptation regulations. However, even if you haven’t been offered a place at the university of your choice, choosing to take advantage of UCAS Clearing can be one of the best possible solutions. This option can offer you the opportunity to join courses you’ve always wanted to be a part of through a fast and simple process. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when considering whether or not Clearing is an option for you.

Available to Those with No Offers

What you need to understand about the Clearing process is that this is a system through which students that have not received any offers from their preferred universities are given the opportunity to attend courses that can help shape their application and give them a greater chance at acceptance. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll only be able to choose between classes that no one else wants to take. The whole process has been developed specifically to fill the unused seats in important courses so that students can make the most of their experiences. If you find yourself having to figure out a new path to university after receiving no offers and not having your placement confirmed after results, this can be the perfect way to put yourself out there and see what you might enjoy.

A Wide Range of Courses

One of the greatest benefits of joining Clearing 2019 is the wide range of potential courses you’ll have set in front of you. Rather than having to choose a specific direction immediately, Clearing will allow you to explore many different potential topics, allowing you to really get to know the subject and what it entails. Why not try something completely new and out of the box? You never know what kind of secret passion may be unearthed by investing in this valuable experience.

You Can Only Add One Choice

It’s incredibly important to keep in mind that while this is certainly an exciting opportunity for students, they are only able to choose one Clearing course at a time. So unless your acceptance into the course is denied, you will be enrolled into the course you put up first. This means that you need to take your time and really consider whether or not a course will benefit you in your future or not. The more carefully you make this decision, the more you’ll be able to get out of the experience.

Making your way to university can often be complicated and confusing, and for those students who weren’t accepted into their desired programs, it can even be heartbreaking. However, taking advantage of the amazing opportunity presented by the Clearing program can be the perfect solution. Keep this information in mind and start searching through potential courses today.