How Certified Agile Leadership Can Change Your Workplace

Agile and Lean are perhaps the most important concepts in the field of software today. Most software development companies have adopted Agile in some way or other, because of the track record it has. You can definitely reach heights in your career if you have the right certifications since companies are always in need of capable practitioners of Agile and Lean. 

What is Certified Agile Leadership?

The leader is perhaps the all-in-all in an Agile setting. This means that he is supposed to act in the best interests of the final product, and is responsible for making a lot of quick, dynamic and difficult decisions. 

Certified Agile Leadership is all about Agile in a leader’s perspective – even if you have an understanding of how Agile works, you still may not have understood what the impact of Agile can be. This difference in perspectives is focused upon over the course.

Certified Agile Leadership is not technical at all – it is a highly nuanced course and a lot depends on your trainer, too. The trainers have a lot of flexibility to fine tune the course based on their experiences so that you can gain the maximum benefits from the course.

What are the benefits of Agile?

Agile is a highly integrated system – nothing is ever done on its own. For example, testing is integrated during the cycle, so that there are no mistakes which are evident only after the release of the software.

The product owner is always involved in the development process, in this case. Owing to a large amount of flexibility and transparency afforded, there is a lot of engagement between the stakeholders involved.

Jira Usage is another concept in Agile which is extremely useful in software development. There is a high amount of visibility in each step of the process, and all of the parties involved are able to see how the progress is at any point.

The development team can address the issues at hand when they are still fresh, owing to the integration of testing. This implies that there is less workload on the team members since they are never faced with an avalanche of bugs right after the final release.

What is CAL Training?

CAL Course is a two-day workshop which teaches the principles of Agile relevant to leaders who are going to implement it. This way, it is ensured that students can become the crux of the Agile transition which may be happening at their organization.

Over the course, you will be taught about the reasons why Agile became so popular, and its benefits at the workplace. You would also be taught the methods to follow so that you can remain true to your principles even when everything is changing.

The course involves teaching the students about the context for Agile, and the values underlying it. The project-proven and practical exercises are extremely beneficial, and students understand how to react to change using the Agile principles after the course.