Selecting an International School for Your Child? Look Beyond the Curriculum!

As a parent, you are probably focused on getting the best of everything for your child. Some decisions are tough, especially when it comes to selecting a school. If you have decided on selecting an international school, you have to look beyond the basic curriculum. Yes, education and books are important, but the whole purpose of an international school to give more exposure and scope for children, beyond the ordinary.

The need for character development

Fostering and nurturing talent should start early in life, and the school plays an essential role in that. As such, talk to the teachers and management as how they plan and intend to focus on character development. Every child is different and unique and deserves the personal attention of teachers. Apart from academics, the kid must be capable of recognizing and using his skills, personality and talent in the right way.

The need for environment focus

The world needs sustainable growth, but without affecting the environment, and the future generations will have a huge role to play in that. Environmental mindfulness is an aspect that many schools are focusing on, and some are using extensively planned eco-friendly features and systems that impart the right lessons. Find a school that helps in developing your child’s concern towards the planet and right causes.

The need for practical exposure.

Exposure to the real world is an important part of education. International schools often organize special events and excursions, which allows students to explore the world beyond the classroom. For example, Panyaden year 7 field trip to Akha Ama allows students to visit the Akha Ama Living Factory, where they can learn about the basics of business and ways to manage practical problems. Every class is different, but such activities can make a huge difference.

The need for social skills

One of the many disadvantages of home schooling is the lack of interaction with other students. Your child must know what it takes to cooperate and learn with others, and for that, the school must offer the right environment. Discuss the activities that are offered to encourage social communication and interaction. If your child has communication issues, the school should have the scope to tend to his/her problems at a personal level. Overcoming the fear for society and people in general is important, because eventually, they have to dwell in it.

Lastly, do meet the teachers to know if the school is right for your child.