Summarize the Syllabus of Economics with Aplomb – Macroeconomics

National Income (Introduction to Macroeconomics)

Mr. Koh, Economics tutor suggests his Economics tuition students dedicate themselves completely to memorizing the topic by heart. For instance, students must learn the process of the multiplier with keen interest, and they should also learn to explain equilibrium of national income using AD/AS or circular flow model.

It is believed that the case study must include the topical questions based on national income. Students of Economics tuition should learn the rules of analyzing the performance of an economy and how to judge the standards of living from the data given in the table. For solving these type of queries Economics tutor, Mr. Koh in his class teaches different types of techniques and their use (including DIRCO) to learn the process in a systematic manner.

Macroeconomic Aims and Issues

Students of Economics tuition analyze that the lecture they learn during their economics tuition class under the supervision of their economics tutor Mr. Koh is not enough, they must take notes on the below-mentioned concepts of C to score better and improvement:

  • Combine: rather than a “Silo mentality” where students of Economics tuition understands the issues, results, and consequences for macro problems as three main sections, they should be able to find the root causes and the relations of each macro problems with other macro problems. According to this point of view, the exercises and lectures on A3 concepts and 1-on-3 exercise (taught by Economics tutor, Mr. Koh in his Economic tuition classes) as critical to cross over the idea to construct all-encompassing comprehension.
  • Context: We can’t over-accentuate the significance of the setting in a question of macroeconomics. Context means in the terms of condition and nature of the economy. For instance, while answering the queries related to the conditions and nature of Singapore economic conditions and inflation, students of economics tuition should not pass up blow record for the distinctive reasons of inflation theories and may be possible they can experience intermittent demand-pull inflation (for external demand) or inclined price of inflation from hot inflows of money. In the meantime, the condition of an economy also affects the reasonability of several macroeconomics strategies. For instance, When the deficit in an economy is huge, the fiscal policy is not feasible in that condition for the country and its economy.
  • Completeness: Given the extent of focuses that ought to be shrouded in a case study, students of Economics tuition should utilize the structures and techniques given by Economics tutor, Mr. Koh’s Economics paper (e.g. DICE, CFCE, GPLS) where the analysis is applicable and complete, and prepare case study from the scratch to time.