Solutions to Affording Those Miscellaneous College Expenses

Getting your college degree is an expensive venture. Even if you’re fortunate enough to qualify for scholarships, grants, or financial aid to cover tuition and rooming costs, there are still a lot of other things you have to pay for as a young adult. Everything from food and entertainment to toiletries and medical costs has to be covered by you.

Lots of college students go through this struggle. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you cover the cost of those miscellaneous college expenses. Check it out:

Purchase Used Books

Books aren’t always a covered expense when paying for tuition to college. If you have to pay for your own textbooks, you should look for used ones. Many college students sell their old textbooks to the school in order to make a few extra bucks. This can save you a ton of money.

Get Creative with a Hot Plate and Microwave

College campuses can be tempting when it comes to eating out. There’s always something great in the cafeteria and there are usually restaurants, delis, and little holes in the wall surrounding the campus that make you want to grab a bite. However, if you’re going to save money, it probably bests that you learn how to cook. There are a lot of meals you can create with a hot plate and a microwave.

Borrow When Necessary

Something happens at home and you need to get there? Is school out for the summer and you need to cover the move? Perhaps your car gave out on you and you need to make a repair? These are all emergencies that may qualify the need to borrow money. If you have a full or part-time job you may be eligible for a check advance online. You could get a few hundred bucks in one business day to handle your emergency and then repay the loan.

Get Insurance Coverage

If you aren’t still covered under your parent’s insurance policy, it’s a good idea to get your own. There are affordable health insurance plans for college students that will give you free or affordable access to the best medical care. This will cut out or reduce the cost of medical services.

Earn Money on the Side

You’re in college but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some extra money. In fact, the internet is riddled with income earning opportunities for college students. Answer surveys, become a mystery shopper, buy groceries and deliver them, start a blog, or do whatever interests you to bring in some extra cash.

Find Free Entertainment

The great thing about being in a college town is that the community always has so much going on. Instead of paying to get into parties or to go out, check the local city website to find out what free events might be going on in the area. You might find street fairs, festivals, concerts, art exhibits, and a bunch of other things you can attend and have fun.

The college life is an expensive one. Though adjusting to adulthood might be troubling at first, it can get easier. All you have to do is take what little money you have and find ways to stretch it a bit further. The above ideas will shave hundreds off your monthly expenses allowing you to obtain your degree without the burden of debt.